GNU Emacs Lisp Packages

CSP major mode for Emacs

csp-mode is a major mode for Emacs flavours to support editing of CSP code using FDR2 syntax. It includes font-lock support and short-cuts for creating CSP constructs and sane indentation of CSP specifications.

It is written by Olaf Bergmann, Markus Dahlweid and Uwe Schulze. This (unofficial) package is provided by me, Raymond Scholz the latest version can always be found at this site:

Directory of div/el/csp-mode/

The latest version is 1.0.1

Random signatures with Gnus

I discontinued the work on adv-random-sig.el in favour of randomsig.el by Hans-Jürgen Ficker. His random signature inserter uses a flexible file format for storing signatures which is compatible with adv-random-sig.el's one signature - one file backend.

randomsig.el incorporates all features of adv-random-sig.el like

  • proper interaction with Gnus' message-mode and posting styles
  • selection of signatures by flavours
  • static strings in random signatures, f.e. your name, URLs, …

Furthermore randomsig.el gives you the ability to

  • easily snarf signatures from messages into files
  • interactively select a signature from a list

Download randomsig.el from Hans-Jürgen's site.